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In River Road Pet Clinic, we utilize the services of a Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist for advanced ultrasonic imaging of your pet. Our specialist reviews your pet’s history, then performs an exam and images the areas of concern. Aspirates and tissue samples can also be obtained with a fine needle via ultrasound guidance – often providing answers and sparing your pet a more invasive surgical procedure.

Ultrasound diagnostics for pets have been a huge advancement in veterinary medicine. This technology enables veterinarians to look inside of the abdomen or chest of an animal and non-invasively investigate a host of health conditions. Ultrasound scans can also be called sonograms and use high-frequency sound waves to form images of the tissue within the animal. The images immediately show up on a screen where technicians can measure events such as heartbeats, blood flow, and gastrointestinal movement.

Organs like the liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, bladder, prostate, uterus, ovaries, stomach and intestines can be examined without discomfort to your pet. Pinpointing health issues such as a vomiting, elevated kidney or liver values on blood tests, abnormal urination, unexplained weight loss, and much more becomes much easier and more accurate. Certain areas, such as the lungs, cannot be viewed by ultrasound because they are filled with air rather than fluid.

Digitial Radiology

We have a state of the art digital radiology technology that can provide detailed images of your pet in just minutes. These radiographs can be burned onto a CD or emailed to other specialists for evaluation. We have a second xray unit that enables us to obtain smaller, more detailed digital radiographs of your pet’s teeth for our dental patients.

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