Euthanasia at River Road Pet Clinic in Tucson, Arizona

End of Life Care

To better help serve out patients as they transition toward the end of life, we are now offering home visits. With our new service, we are hoping to help guide and support you in this difficult time, while providing your companion with individualized care in the comfort of your own home. We are available for quality of life consultations, where a veterinarian and technician will come to your home, examine your pet and help you determine the best course of action for your pet. If continued palliative home care is elected, we will place a special focus on pain management.

Other treatment modalities can include subcutaneous fluids, other injections or oral medications. Sample collection can also be performed if indicated for continued laboratory monitoring of certain conditions. When the time comes to face the difficult decision to let your pet go, a home euthanasia can be scheduled, allowing family members or friends to attend and assist you in helping your beloved companion through the last moments of their life. Please call the clinic for further details or scheduling.